Welcome to Frostfall, Adventurers!
This campaign will start in the Northernmost hold on the continent of Aarden, Frossenmark!
Heroes-in-the-making of the Northern Reaches; you are about to set upon an epic journey filled with high adventure, magnificent locales, heroism, magic, daring escapes and fun. You will forge strong friendships among with your companions, and work together to defeat the most ferocious of monsters and villainous of foes.

With all of this, remember that this is your campaign, and an open world. Solve problems the way you want, travel where you like, start a guild or a settlement, sail the seas, quest to the shrine of a God… Anything! Explore the world around you. Do you want to be mercenaries? Start a band and find work! Want to ignore the problems of the world and be pirates? Build (or steal!) a ship! Do you want to earn your wealth by trade and become merchants? Become bounty hunters? Monster Hunters?
Play your characters in an open world, where your players and their decisions matter. The issues and problems of the world will continue to progress. Your actions affect the way you can interact with these problems, should you choose to interact with them at all, but no problem has just one solution.

Above all, have fun!

P.S Remember to check back here frequently, as I will be updating as much as I can. Remember to create your characters on here as well!


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