Salem Von

Haunted, sadomasochist, chaotic-neutral, halfling oracle. Maybe he can predict the future, maybe he's just crazy.


AC: 17
Initiative: 3
STR: 8
DEX: 17
CON: 13
INT: 15
WIS: 13
CHA: 18

God/Diety: Loki (local gods) Mellikie (world gods)


Physical Description:
-Black hair set just below the shoulder and untidily framing narrow features and prominent clavicles when styled down. Skin is very pale with some bluish pallor in some places creating the appearance of his skin even being thin. Usually wears hair up in a ponytail on top of his head or a topknot/bun. It’s usually always messy and looks like (as he does) he runs his hands up through it in a stressed out fashion frequently.
-Eyes are a red-brown color and usually look hungry for something food and drink can’t satisfy.
-His smile is strange and slightly off or demonic looking
-Stands at about 3.5 feet tall
-Hands are a feature that are prominent on him. They seem too long through the fingers proportionately and so bony they look skeletal.
-light, lithe, and dexterous

-Mostly uses spells (of course, cause oracle) and he possesses the mystery of bones
-Uses poisons on his daggers and darts…no special skills in this other than being deranged.
-Likes to club people with his mace if he can get close enough without getting crushed. I may change this to some sort of bone ornamental staff if possible.
-Always wears this necklace that is carved from, you guessed it, bone. It’s in the shape of a fox’s skull and has a black orb in its mouth.
-Carries a leather pouch full of small bones and knuckle bones to roll “prophecies” about the future or someone’s fortune.
-Currently enjoys a half skull plate that covers one side of his face if Alex allows it.
-Dresses in blacks and greys and wears suspiciously light clothing in bitter weather but never shows cold or looks impressed by the elements…usually…

Personality Basics:
-Likes chaos for chaos’ sake
-likes to play devil’s advocate
-likes to piss people off
-likes to tease and taunt people and poke and see what makes them tick
-tendency towards depression then mania
-Often seems to have these different personalities that switch between dominance. The more suave and pleasure/comfort seeking one is more diplomatic and manipulative. The other is reckless, oblivious, and conniving.
-Cracks up in insane laughter sporadically. Always kind of has this manic giggle like he’s on the edge of a mental breakdown.
-hedonist after his own fashion and pleasure. Likes his comforts: expensive whiskey, comfortable beds and plush blankets and pillows, hot cocoa, good drugs and parties and such on one end. Then on the other end he loves punishing himself and causing himself pain and discomfort. So kind of just this weird dichotomy between the two. Tends to think of the line between pleasure and pain as being thin and blurred.

-Haunted and kind of schizo…which basically boils down to weird things happening around him like if he drops his staff or bones they fall further away from him than natural sometimes. Sometimes things go bang or get knocked over or get upset around him from time to time. He is usually surprised by these things and seems like he’s still getting used to it. It also means he talks to “himself” or the “voices” by mumbling to them or sometimes shouting at them. At times this melts down to him hitting himself and freakouts but not very often.
-Most of his sexuality boils down to his sadomasochism and doesn’t really have much interest in sexual affairs otherwise.


Salem Von

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