A New Start

Upon arriving at the Triad town of Primus, the party learns that the Dudeca Bridge is currently closed and have set out to investigate the murder of the governor’s son. Over the course of the investigation, however, they grant a new body to the departed Vulgaris.

This dark course of action did not meet with Bahamut’s approval, forsaking Nienna and causing her to lose her clerical powers. In gratitude, Vulgaris granted each party member a strange, glass-like shard. He also gave a slip of paper with a strange, five-headed dragon symbol, referring cryptically to a being called Tiamat. He also stated that if they wish to prove their trustworthiness, they could head to Ambent and seek out The Phoenix.

Before heading for the Phoenix, the party headed north through Ebonlocke to seek the Barren Islands and find out more about Tiamat. They secured a ride on the Bog Stormer, an airship and ventured into the Barren Islands.

After traveling through a cloud of ash, they landed in the Barren Islands and were introduced to Tiamat. See the link for more info.


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