Fraija Dimazia / "Freija Eirdotter"

Height: 5'6" Current Appearance: Long, Swedish-blonde hair braided back, with pale blue eyes, a strong jawline and a healthy-looking, fair, thou somewhat freckled, complexion.


Her attire seems fairly traditional, although a rich blue sash embroidered with the constellations, a simple metal ear cuff holding a square bead made from bone, and another ornament dripping down from her other ear like a long, slender needle are just a few of the unique adornments one might find on her at any given time.

A hint of a tattoo in some foreign script trails down her neck. A particularly attentive viewer might guess that the inscription does not end there.

Anyone observing Fraija for the first time might think her unacquainted with hard work, trial, or sadness. A soft smile and youthful complexion are trademark to her appearance, yet her eyes exhibit an unexpected agelessness. Her movement is always light and self-assured, equally as if presenting a diplomatic acquaintance, and yet in stark contrast, as if picking a wildflower on a careless afternoon. Her gentle tones and reassuring expressions cannot help but set the world at ease around her and make every man or woman important through her eyes. Perhaps this is why she is often forgiven an eclectic taste in fine things and slight discordance with accepted fashion and behavior. Fraija certainly knows how to walk the fine line of decorum, but can also be found dancing on a table with exotic gestures to some electronica… if such music existed.


Fraija Dimazia / "Freija Eirdotter"

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